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Created:Thursday, December 30, 2021
Members: Thursday, December 30, 2021 at 14:00 eastern (17 days ago)
Public: Thursday, December 30, 2021 at 15:00 eastern
This is an informational posting or a note regarding an existing deal
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Countries:available in USA
Details:The Season of Free Trials:
Set a calendar reminder before a trial ends, to enjoy the benefits for a limited time for free. Forget to cancel, and you will be charged their subscription fee.

Some recent deals:
  • Walmart+ 15-day free trial:
    • Free grocery delivery with a $35 order minimum
    • Free shipping from on all orders
    • Cancel the 14th day, or pay $12.95/month
  • Bed Bath & Beyond+ free trial until January 31:
    • 20% off all purchases in-store and online
    • Free shipping on all online orders
    • Cancel before January 30, or pay $29 for one year
  • Apple TV+ 3 Month Trial:
    • Apple TV+ streams popular movies and series including Ted Lasso, and works on most smart players including Roku.
    • Best Buy will send sign-up instructions to your email.
    • Cancel before the fourth month begins, otherwise it costs $5/month.
  • Apple Music 6 Month Trial:
    • Ad-free music, download and play music offline
    • Cancel before the seventh month begins, or pay $10/month
  • MyPanera+ 6 Months Free with American Express:
    • For American Express card members
    • Up to one cup of hot coffee, iced coffee, or hot tea free every 2 hours, valid in-store and pickup using the Panera app.
    • Cancel before the 7th month begins, or pay $9/month
  • Daily Burn fitness app 3 month free trial with American Express:
    • For American Express card members
    • Cancel anytime after signing up and before the third month begins, and your free trial will end after 3 months have passed. Otherwise, a $50 fee for one year will apply.
Also, AMC+ $24 for the first year deal is still available.

Plus, Amazon Prime Video offers $1/month channels for the first 2 months, for Prime members.

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