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Hot Deals Club - Membership Information
We will accept new members again sometime around July-August of 2006. You may sign up on a Waiting List to be notified when you can join the Hot Deals Club.
Join the Hot Deals Club. Membership gives you the following features:
Features that are coming very soon to Members: Now some background of why we have a Members section. Don't be scared away! If you don't want to sign up, that's okay. You can still enjoy this site the way you always have: Where does my annual fee actually go to? Specific things that non-members will not have access to: Membership has its privileges: Signup restrictions: Membership term and member cancellations: Privacy Policy:
All Hot Deals Club members MUST agree to these terms. A user who requests membership must first agree to these terms.
We will accept new members beginning around August of 2006. You may join a Waiting List to be notified when you may join.