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This RSS Feed can deliver Hot Deals Club content directly to your desktop or homepage. RSS is a method of aggregating news updates from your favorite websites, like this site. Rather than manually visiting each of your favorite websites constantly throughout the day, just put the RSS URL into a RSS client software, and it will notify you when updates occur. You can use any RSS 2.0 compatible client software, such as FeedReader for Windows, FeedDemon for Windows, and AppleSyndication for Mac. If you use Trillian Pro as your instant messenger client, it has a "News" plugin available that can read RSS Feeds. There are hundreds of RSS software and services, and you can use almost any with the Hot Deals Club. For a list of RSS software and services, see

Please do not configure your RSS Client to check for updates more than 4 times per hour.

Here is the Hot Deals Club RSS Feed:

Use one of these links to add the Hot Deals Club to a homepage, if you have one there: Yahoo, MSN, NewsGator, Feedster, Bloglines
Who can use the RSS Feed? What's the deal with RSS Feeds?

It is a standard for syndicating web content into one place. Rather than checking your favorite websites several times daily, you can just subscribe to each site's RSS Feed. For example, if you check CNN, ESPN, Reuters News, and the Hot Deals Club several times each day for updates, simply set up your RSS Feed Reader to collect news from each of your favorite sites, and have updated news & information all in one place on your desktop. It saves time because it checks your favorite sites for you, and it consolidates everything into one place.

The RSS/XML link looks weird in my browser.

Most web browsers do not know how to use an RSS Feed. This means if you click on the RSS/XML link using Internet Explorer, you will probably just see useless source code. Use RSS Software to get Hot Deals Club deals on your desktop, or use a service that lets you integrate deals onto a web page.

Each update seems to be an hour older than it should.

The Hot Deals Club uses the standard RSS 2.0 format. Each deal (item) has a timestamp in GMT Time, which is the standard for RSS 2.0. It is up to the RSS Reader to convert GMT Time into Local Time. If each deal shows a timestamp an hour before it was actually posted, that could mean your computer's timezone settings are wrong, or the RSS Reader is not converting GMT to Local Time correctly. FeedReader 2.90 is one software that has trouble converting GMT to Local Time during Daylight Savings months.

I can no longer access the Hot Deals Club.

Either the Hot Deals Club is down, or your RSS client(s) may have requested an RSS Feed too frequently. If too many accesses are recorded from your IP address, the Hot Deals Club may refuse connections from your IP for a few hours, to ensure that no one person eats up too much site bandwidth. It is also possible that your RSS Client may have gone awry without your knowledge, and was targeting the Hot Deals Club with too many requests.

Can I write a script to download the RSS?

Sure. Just make sure the script downloads the RSS file only once an hour. If you build a webpage that relies on our RSS Feed, make sure it does not download the RSS File everytime someone hits your page. Write a script to download the Hot Deals Club's RSS Feed file once an hour, then your webpage can reference the downloaded file on each webpage request. If you already do download deals from the Hot Deals Club, we strongly prefer that you use the RSS Feed (which is a standard format) and not try to scrape the data out of HTML. This is what RSS was designed for.

Is this RSS for Hot Deals Club Premium Members?

No. Hot Deals Club Premium Members have a separate RSS Feed that has more features. Log in to your member account, then click the RSS link at the top to access it.